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dear livejournal;

we eat vegans!
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camo is our favorite color.
7 angels 7 plagues, 803, adult., adventures!, against me!, aim, american football, american nightmare, an albatross, anal cunt, animal rights, anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-war, as i lay dying, at the drive-in, bandanas, bane, being cooler than you, belle and sebastian, big hair, blonde redhead, blur, bright eyes, bright makeup, broken bones, btbam, built to spill, burns out bright, cameras, cannibal corpse, cellphones, charles bronson, cigarettes, circle pits, circle takes the square, coffee, columbia, combatwoundedveteran, confederate fagg, converge, copeland, cursive, dancing, daughters, death cab for cutie, disco, disrupt, down in flames, elliot smith, evergreen terrace, every time i die, everytime i die, explosions, fashion, film, five points, fuck...i'm dead, good shows, gorilla biscuits, grindcore, guyana punchline, hangin tough, hardcore, hardcore punk, hot hot heat, hxc, indie, lack of interest, ladytron, le tigre, lights for nero, los crudos, making clothes, mates of state, melt banana, minor threat, modest mouse, mosh pits, movies, music, my friends, new brookland tavern, ninja masks, of montreal, orchid, original lj interests, outkast, pavement, peaches, pg 99, photobooths, photography, piebald, piercings, pig destroyer, pinback, poison the well, powerviolence, pro-choice, punch in the face, q and not u, reggieandthefulleffect, screaming, screamo, sick of it all, slam dancing, slap a ham, south carolina, speeding, straight edge, stretch arm strong, sxe, tattoos, tear it up, terror, thash, the blood brothers, the cure, the faint, the locust, the minus tide, the now, the postal service, the shins, the smiths, the unicorns, the velvet underground, the vista, thenumbertwelvelookslikeyou, thrashcore, throwdown, underoath, veganism, vegetables, walking, xfilesx, xxx, youth of today